10 Tasks of a Social Media Virtual Assistant

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A social media virtual assistant focuses on managing different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. They manage all the accounts for growing an online presence. Knowing the tasks of a social media virtual assistant is essential to prepare for the job. 

If you properly prepare for the role, you will have a better chance of sufficiently meeting all of the job responsibilities, including the tasks assigned to you. If there are tasks you don’t know how to do, have patience and understanding with yourself, so you can learn and grow within the job. Consult outside resources like YouTube videos and blog articles to learn more about the task at hand. At Virtudesk, we have an online academy, called Virtudesk Academy, accessible to all of our virtual assistants any time they need to up-train or learn new skills. 

Besides knowing what tasks you’ll be doing as a social media virtual assistant, it’s also important to know why you would be doing those tasks. When you first get assigned a new client who wants help with their social media, mastering the tasks outlined below can help your future potential client increase their business’s brand awareness and help them generate new business. Below, are the 10 top tasks you can expect to complete daily if you become a social media virtual assistant.


1.Update Social Media Accounts


Updating all of your client’s social media accounts will generate new leads and increase an account’s audience. Knowing the business can give you an edge to provide better updates with the company and allow you to advertise it well on social media. Common updates you can make to social media accounts include updating the information on a client’s Facebook page, LinkedIn Page, Instagram bio, and others. Updating accounts also looks like publishing content consistently to show followers you are active. Monitoring DMs and comments on each page is another way to keep social accounts updated, where you are answering queries from followers and leads.


2.Schedule and Create Posts

An important task of a social media virtual assistant is scheduling content like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin posts. Before posting your content you should know what time of the day you want to post it. Using social media management tools such as Sprout Social, eClincher, Hootsuite, will make it much easier for you to keep track of all your content. They will suggest “optimal times” where your following is the most active and engaged on social media. Knowing the proper time to post is very important because this can generate new prospects or leads.

The commonly used platforms that can help you plan your posts and post topics are Click up and Google Calendar. These tools help you plot your content ideas and organize your posts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can create new tasks or events inside these platforms to specify what types of posts at what time you will plan to publish in the future. This is great for planning purposes.

Eclincher is a tool that will allow you to schedule social media content. You can edit the date and time of your scheduled posts. This will make it much easier to visualize what you will be posting and align it with your objective. This can help you save a lot of time because this tool will automatically post your content.

When creating content, the first step you need to take is your descriptions. Take note to always check your grammar and spelling so that your client’s brand is represented well. The second step is creating your graphics. You should be aware of the proper spacing on each element and the photos you put in. Alignment is a must to have visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphics.


3.Create Advertisements

Besides creating organic content for your client’s business social media pages, you might be expected to create graphics and descriptions for online advertisements and ad campaigns. Examples of paid advertisements are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads. Digital ads are the most common and effective ways to keep to generate leads for your client’s business and increase brand awareness. You can reach new people this way.

A social media virtual assistant is in charge of monitoring if the advertisements are effective. Once you launch campaigns, you will be using the ads platforms to generate results of how the ads are performing. You will be tasked to analyze those reports and provide suggestions on how to improve future campaigns.

Ads will be paid forms of content promotion. Using digital ads will be cheaper and more cost-effective than other platforms or other forms of traditional advertising. The CPA or Cost per result will be lower.


4.Conduct Research

Research is one of the most important tasks of a social virtual assistant. It is important to know the content or type of post that will resonate best with your audience, that will increase the engagement rate of your published content. 

It’s important to research the latest social media marketing trends because it will inform you on how to create the most engaging content for your ads or posts. Researching and using hashtags effectively is another way to help you create engaging posts and reach new leads. Social media users following or searching these hashtags will be more likely to see your posts. 

Knowing the social media algorithms will also help you create content you know the platforms will favor. Make sure to visit the social media sites to stay up-to-date on their latest algorithm changes.

Conducting research on trending topics or conversations people are having in your niche is also a great strategy. You can use social media management tools as described above to conduct social listening and learn what your audience is interested in.


5.Grow Social Media Presence

Having a large social media presence is the highlight of a company. Choosing the right photos and making your platforms attractive will attract the reader’s attention. Growing a social media presence is a long-term process in which you need to be consistent in publishing your posts. The post should be visible at least every other day so that your audience will be updated on your promos or events. These actions would generate more leads and more engagement to your business. Posting consistently will get new accounts interested in following, therefore increasing your lead generation. 

Ways on how to increase social media presence are as follows:


  • Effective use of hashtags- expand your reach outside your network, engage with your followers, open new ways of communicating and increase social media presence.
  • Starting conversations in DMS- responding to comments and inquiries that create engagement for possible leads.
  • Commenting on posts – comment on posts on other pages.
  • Sharing Facebook posts in Facebook groups- can increase exposure for more leads because of huge followers in a certain group.

6.Develop a Social Media Strategy

A social media virtual assistant has a good background in developing strategies for ways to improve its social media marketing. They are also in charge of creating descriptions, posts, and infographics. Think of a better perspective of what to improve on and how to increase engagement. By creating ads like carousels and short videos, posts can determine what strategies are effective and what to improve on. 

Strategies are to maximize engagement and interaction through social media. One way to monitor these strategies you need to set a goal. These goals comprise your weekly and monthly goals. Each target should be reachable to achieve those plans. These are very important in which a virtual assistant can see its ways to improve marketing strategies.

When your strategies aren’t met this is where you can start creating solutions on how to improve marketing goals:  

  • Establish your objective and goals.
  • Start with analyzing reports.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Write a 1-3 month plan.

7.Proof Read and Edit

When publishing or posting, always remember to proofread your article or post to make sure it has no errors.

Spelling and grammar errors could affect the brand’s reputation if they go unchecked, and this would lead to the confusion of the readers.

As a social media virtual assistant, you’ll want to use online tools that will help you check your grammar and spelling. This includes platforms like Grammarly, Pro Writing aid, and Ginger.


8.Reply and Manage Comments and DMs

Developing an online presence is the most important task of a social media virtual assistant. Replying to all comments and questions from your followers will assure them that you are very interactive and always ready to reply. Followers are satisfied when you answer their questions on time. The right approach in this role is to be patient and have knowledge of your company’s profile. It will be easier to communicate with your leads.

9.Develop Reports and Charts

To have insights into the social media platforms you need to have an analysis of results. In this way, you will know what content is effective and ineffective. Analyzing key social media metrics can allow you to determine or ascertain your target audience. Understanding the statistics will give you insights on where to improve and generate better results in the future.

Generating reports would be an effective way to analyze each social media platform or the content of each post. As a virtual assistant, you will generate reports to inform your client of the past performance of campaigns. In these reports, you will see where you could improve and you can save a lot of money because you will know the parts where you could focus on. Addressing all the flaws of your content could give you more room to grow and to create more leads.

10.Create a Schedule of Sharing Social Media Platforms

Creating a post-sharing schedule is a type of tool you can assign other team members. This schedule will help members know which posts they need to share to their personal feeds or online groups. Each post in each week should have different members. Using this type of tool can help your business reach more people on social media organically. The commonly used tool is Google Docs, where all members can look at the schedule so they are informed.

Social Media Assistant Infographic


Do You Want to Be a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

There are a lot of ways to become a social media virtual assistant.  Becoming a virtual assistant with Virtudesk and working from home can offer a lot of benefits. These benefits can include eliminating commute time, yearly salary increases, paid leave, and more. The other perks of being a virtual assistant include flexibility and the opportunity to grow. If you are interested in applying to become a virtual assistant with Virtudesk, use this form to apply. We have a one-day interviewing process that is hassle-free. Plus, we have several available positions open for social media. When you fill out the application form, just select the “General Virtual Assistant (GVA)” role. Overall, it will be helpful to keep in mind the tasks outlined above if you ever want to become a social media virtual assistant.

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