5 Important Tasks of a General Virtual Assistant

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There are a lot of services a Virtual Assistant can assist big or small business owners with. People like small businesses or start-up owners are usually looking for someone to be there to work on tasks that don’t need their full attention. Having a Virtual Assistant working for them will help them focus on more important tasks. With remote work on the rise, more and more companies and businesses are seeking out support from virtual assistants. With VAs’ professional assistance, clients can thus easily increase workplace efficiency, freeing up their valuable time. Moreover,  it is a cost-effective solution for in-house employees. Clients who are spending too much time trying to manage all of their social media profiles and keep forgetting about their meetings- both in their business and personal life, are the ones who badly need a virtual assistant working for them.


Virtual Assistant services are one of the key elements to helping startups and early-stage companies get off the ground. Outsourcing some of their time-consuming responsibilities to a virtual assistant will help them focus on core business activities and scaling their business.

There are a lot of tasks they can outsource to their virtual assistants and in this blog, I will share with you the 5 Most Important Tasks of a General Virtual Assistant


Managing Calendars, Appointments, and Emails

It is a virtual assistant’s duty to help a client organize their schedules. VAs should be able to understand their client’s daily grind and split their priorities from it. The VA will help the clients manage their timeline, dates, and tasks without bothering the client or occupying their valuable time. They should be able to create a smart calendar for the client that comes with a complete summary so they can share it with the team.


A virtual assistant will schedule the client’s appointment on their behalf in such a way that they’ll strike a fine balance between attending important meetings and doing business, almost simultaneously. 


Managing emails is also a task a virtual assistant can do. They will identify follow-ups, schedule emails to send at the proper time, and arrange emails into a new, intuitive interface.


Social Media Management

As social media management Virtual Assistants, they usually do everything a social media manager does except they work from a remote location, and would mainly follow the higher-level strategies created by the clients. Social media management VA will be focusing on the time-intensive social media tasks so that their clients can focus on their core business activities or future strategies planning. The most commonly seen task of these types of VA range from creating social media profiles to interacting with audiences on different social media channels. Among all the tasks, creating content and images to be posted daily as well as creating and managing social media campaigns is usually the most important responsibility. For a fast-paced start-up or small business, It is highly helpful to hire a virtual assistant that will handle executing all the marketing tasks and trivial jobs for them. It’s no secret that the time spent on a business’s core activities fuels its growth that’s why business owners should focus on these tasks instead of wasting their resources on non-core tasks, like social media.


Preparing Reports

One of the important tasks a virtual assistant does is to create reports of the transaction and growth of the tasks that have been assigned to them by their clients. Keeping track of accounts and bills can be one of the easiest things to assign to a virtual assistant. In this case, VA would usually take care of preparing financial statements and management’s reports as well as end-of-month reports.


Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the first tasks where clients can incorporate VAs. Customers aren’t interacting with business owners in person, so they don’t need an in-house customer executive either. Most customer service interactions are usually centered on addressing concerns that can be answered easily from a manual, it doesn’t require a high level of expertise to answer all inquiries online. 


Many virtual assistants already have customer service backgrounds, which makes it easy to move them to a phone or chat support role part of full time as needed. Customer service can include everything from handling phone calls to management and evening training. Business owners can utilize the background their virtual assistant brings to the team to not only provide superior service to their customers but also to help them enhance and improve the level of service their customers receive.



Research and reports are important tasks for any business. In order to create a successful campaign, it takes a lot of research and help from a virtual assistant. The research and report the virtual assistant will provide will save the client an abundant amount of time by doing the heavy searching and organizing the data. If they continuously want to grow their business they need to constantly do research. It is important that a VA can provide accurate information that will save the client time and money. There are times that the client needs detailed and actionable answers to some very complicated questions, this is where the help of a virtual assistant comes in handy. The virtual assistant will conduct the necessary research and compile the information using online and offline sources


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