6 Google Trends For Content Marketing

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Did you know that Google Trends may provide you with information about your marketing performance over the last few months or days? Have you ever considered how it could effectively help you with creating your marketing strategies and related content?

On Google Analytics and SEO tools, you can get a wealth of information. It might give you insights into where you can improve your best-performing content.

This article is for you if you want to improve your content marketing. Learn about Google trends for content marketing by reading the article.


Investigate Your Site Traffic

It could be difficult to figure out why the traffic of your sites suddenly reduces or increases. Thanks to Google Analytics, you may properly analyze the data using easy visuals such as graphs and figures.

As a virtual assistant, being familiar with these platforms could hugely increase your work performance and efficiency. For example, it will come in handy when your client needs reports or insights into the functioning of their website.

Check out this dashboard for more information on how to better analyze site traffic.


Trending Keywords

The most important aspect you should focus on is increasing your search engine optimization (SEO) keywords.

How to search keywords on Google Analytics?

  1. Navigate to the dashboard
  2. Select Google Ads from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Keywords.

You will learn about the performance of your chosen keywords in this area. Prior to developing content, choose keywords that could effectively increase your content exposure. When compared to your competition, choosing trending keywords will help your SEO rank higher.

Do Market Research

Are you wondering what products are now trending and how they could address your target audience?

Google trends can help you understand seasonality and location which could increase your clients’ selling or services providing performance

These are the steps to leverage Google Trends to assist you in conducting market research.. Firstly you can, for example, filter down to a metropolitan region or click the alternatives button on the map to access the Country drop-down selector below the query bar.. And then, you can also modify the date to see more or less historical data, but always bear in mind that if you choose a time within seven days, the sample will change.


Find Your Niche

Google Trends is an excellent resource for locating a rapidly growing market. If you’re looking for a new niche, make sure you change your search range from the past 12 months to 2004-present. By doing this, you could easily tell whether some specific topics are trending or the times of them being searched are increasing. Plus, the clear graphics allows you to quickly grasp the trending seasonal topics recently.

This can help your clients to find out the best niche they can venture in or to avoid.

Do Competitor Research

Staying ahead of the curve in the industry necessitates more than just concentrating on your client’s business. You must keep an eye on your client’s competitors, and luckily, Google Trends can also assist you with this.

You may compare your brand to your competitor’s brand by searching for both of your keywords. Comparing your information about your competitor will help you gain more ideas and you can implement the strategies you don’t have.


Search About Seasonal Trends

Seasons can significantly impact the sales and performance of particular products or services of your client business. If you work with a product or service that is easily affected by the seasons, you can use this internet search engine to research seasonal trends. Knowing this information as a virtual assistant is good because you can plan ahead and strategize before the season comes.

6 Content Marketing

Google Trends Helps Content Marketing

Are you still wondering how you can better improve or optimize your content to rank higher on Google search? Don’t worry, Google Trends got you.”. With the information or analytical results that you could learn from Google Trends, you would be able to easily plan the upcoming marketing content based on the most popular topics among your customers. 

Understanding what your customers have in mind can definitely help a lot while creating digital marketing campaigns or corresponding materials to meet the needs or interests of your target audience.

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