6 Social Media Marketing Trends Virtual Assistants Need To know This 2021

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Crafting powerful messages to communicate or interact with the target audience is one of the most important job responsibilities of a VA. If you are an aspiring or experienced virtual assistant, you need to know the latest trends in social media. Staying updated on the latest social media trends helps fuel your message strategy and make your voice stand out in the digital noises.

Today, learning all of the social media marketing trends will help you as a virtual assistant. It certainly helps your clients market their services or products more effectively. Here are the 7 social media marketing trends virtual assistants need to know this 2021. 


Video and Live Streams Will Remain Popular

Video is now the fastest-growing content on social media platforms today. Visual content, infographics, illustrations, and videos are becoming the most popular forms of the message. They could easily grab the user’s attention and deliver more concise yet interesting information. Plus, it is easier to understand than reading a long article. 

Therefore, it is more effective to create video campaigns that help your audience consume information much more quickly on social media. As a virtual assistant, increasing engagements on social media and providing a better user experience would be a smart move to create interactive and interesting videos for your clients.

Live streaming is also a good way to increase engagement and exposure. Based on the recent view of live streaming increased 50% during the lockdown periods. Doing a live stream and a live webinar is a trend right now. If you are looking to boost your exposure and engagement, live virtual videos are the answer.


IG Stories As an Advertisement

During the pandemic, research indicates that Instagram has seen a 70% increase in the use of the Live feature. But do you know that stories, which can also be seen as short videos, are a great tool for advertising your brand as well? Stories provide short but informative information that is interactive with the viewers. Message sending via story function on IG is easier to consume for the audiences because the length of the video is short.

Stories have a 5.65% higher tap rate than videos, according to social insiders. Tap rate is the number of people who viewed your story and move to the next story before finishing it. Meaning, the number of users who spend more time browsing through all the videos on social media is quickly increasing. So how can you not include more videos on your social account to engage more people?


Easy To Consume Content

From the topics mentioned above, we can know that watching videos across all social media platforms is more effortless. Therefore, being an online video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube has become one of the best learning sources for accessing new information and how-to tutorials. Other than creating video content that offers a more intimate and pleasurable learning experience for your audience, you could also think about designing podcasts or newsletters. They could greatly help build a deeper connection with your audience and provide a more intimate way to stay in touch. 

Social Media Platforms Evolves

Social media platforms are consistently evolving such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. For example, by using IG, you could engage and stay connected with your audience through different ways of interaction, such as posts, videos, and stories. You can create a 15-second video in reels. If you are planning to post more than a 1-minute video, IGTV is the way to go. 

Facebook, which is known as one of the best platforms to advertise products or services, also provides diverse and creative ways to market your brand. You can run or create campaigns to interact with your audience by answering their concerns or inquiries. 

You can also join or interact with different groups or communities in order to generate leads or drive traffic back to your official account or website. Facebook is a great platform to engage with your audience or help your clients to boost engagement, especially if your client has no website.

And as for TikTok, it is the most popular platform to deliver your message because it generates viral content that attracts a vast audience, such as dancing trends, Lip sync battles, computer hacks, or duets, etc. These features create interactive exposure to an audience and help build the band’s values or personality more interesting yet compelling. Use Tiktok to increase your client’s traffic by showcasing it with short videos and its features.

Authenticity and transparency Is The Game Changer

Bear in mind that to create a meaningful connection with your audience, it is always important to post reliable information when creating an ad or any content. Do not post any information that is not true because it can ruin your company’s credibility and destroy your relationship with the audience. Being true to your audience will create a connection, and it will help you gain trust in them.

According to sprout social, a marketer should always remember handling bad comments or negative feedback by constructively answering them. Openly showing them how much you care is what makes you stand out from all the other competitors.

Purpose-Driven Campaigns

Purpose-driven campaigns are useful for social communities because they have goals for a better cause. For example, in a pandemic, one of your clients wants to help out a community to raise funds for a specific cause. A purpose-driven campaign can help your client’s company boost its exposure by helping in-need communities to address their pain points and solve their current problems. Reaching out to other companies or collaborating with them for better connections and awareness.

6 Social Media Marketing Trends virtual assistants need to know this 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends

When creating content on social media, always ensure that your post is reliable and relatable. Different features or functions on different social media platforms could play an essential role in increasing your brand awareness and exposure. No matter what social media platform you use as a virtual assistant, these trends will help you create a more powerful message and stay on the right track.

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