7 Top Skills Of a Virtual Assistant

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When deciding which skills to focus on for your next virtual assistant position or making sure you have the abilities necessary to become a competent virtual assistant candidate for an employer, there are typically seven main talents to take into account.

The good news is that you can pick up these skills and have the necessary knowledge to work as a virtual assistant.

Let’s examine the most important skills needed for positions as virtual assistants in more detail.


Facebook Groups and Pages Administration


Being a social media manager you have the skills necessary to run a Facebook group. You’ll be able to schedule posts, create content, and answer all queries of your target audience with your client.


Your clients continue to use Facebook as one of the most popular social media platforms. The truth that it takes a lot of time makes it one of those duties that are best left to virtual assistants.


Here at Virtudesk, most of your clients are real estate agents and the platforms they are using are Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. Facebook is still one of the platforms you can consider in generating potential leads.

Knowing How To Read Real Estate Listings


It’s likely that as a real estate agent, your client advertises all of the homes on a small number of websites. Your client is not going to be able to keep these current while also maintaining clientele and expanding their business.


It’s virtually impossible to separate spreadsheets from real estate. As a virtual assistant making a list of crucial information is the first step, followed by making sure the data you already have is current. Then, make sure you don’t miss any key listings.


The most used applications that are used by VAs for lead generation are Follow Up Boss, BoldLeads, and Freshsales

Thinking Quickly And Making Decisions Well


As a virtual assistant, you need to have a firm decision in dealing with different tasks. This is vital as we are in a fast-paced environment. Having these skills to make decisions quickly is useful in everyday tasks you do.


It is excellent also to have competencies and be self-assured enough to look into other resources for potential answers rather than waiting for the client to reply.


Self-discipline And Motivation


Any virtual assistant who wants to endure the challenges of work needs to be motivated and disciplined. To wake up early and be ready for work, discipline is needed. One needs the motivation to produce high-quality work and excel in their career.


Because of how easily distracted their task is, virtual assistants may need to work more to stay motivated. You will need to push yourself as a VA to keep working despite the distractions all around you. 


Success also entails consistently doing excellent work on schedule.


Literate In Computers


Understanding how data is saved and accessible on the internet or the World Wide Web is necessary to become a successful virtual assistant. A client’s website or database system may require upkeep and support, therefore computer skills may already contain numerous complicated abilities like web development.


Excellent working knowledge of software applications like Word, Photoshop, Excel, and Powerpoint is required of a virtual assistant or an executive assistant.


This one is necessary. Computer literacy is required for virtual assistants since they interact with clients online. It would be hard to work as a virtual assistant without computer abilities. But having computer skills goes beyond simply being able to use any computing equipment. It also involves having a solid grasp of how things operate.

Oral Communication And Writing Skills


This is perhaps the most crucial ability a virtual assistant can have. Virtual assistants will be able to accomplish their tasks effectively and efficiently if they can understand what is being said as well as communicate with themselves, clients, and other team members.


The majority of the time, correspondence between a client and a virtual assistant takes place through email and other chat platforms like Skype, Messenger, or Slack. Clients place a high value on candidates who can effectively communicate in writing about their understanding of a task, their progress on it, any difficulties they have had, and their ability to meet deadlines.


Word Processing Skills


A virtual assistant must possess the necessary word processing software grammar, spelling, and punctuation abilities to carry out daily tasks including writing memos, letters, and other communications for your workplace.


If you take a moment to consider how your client’s business operates or what potential customers they cater to, you’ll immediately see that everything is dependent on having good text formatting skills.

7 Top Skills Of a Virtual Assistant

Develop Your Skills As a Virtual Assistant


Developing your talents is crucial for any VA job, to sum up. If you have a positive outlook toward learning and growth, you can anticipate giving your customers an exceptional experience that will result in an outstanding performance.


If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, fill out this form and submit your resume. We offer paid training and operational support to our pool of virtual assistants. You’ll also receive advice from our coaches and get access to our client profile.


We are currently hiring for the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) and Inside Sales Associate (ISA) roles. Previous virtual assistant experience is not required, but at least six months of call center experience is required.

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