7 Ways On How To Get More Clients As a Virtual Assistant

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It might be difficult to get your first client as a virtual assistant. Yet, This client will be critical to your career as a virtual assistant since they will provide you with the incentive to continue working and guide you to know more about this industry. Are you looking forward to plunging into this field? Then It’s time to start promoting your virtual support services package! Once you’ve built them you will then be ready to offer your expertise and skillsets to your clients or to stand out in the marketplace.

Here are some of the most effective techniques to market your virtual help business and begin attracting clients.

Using Content Marketing To Attract Clients

You’re already familiar with the inquiries clients ask when they first meet you. You also understand the most typical issues that clients bring to you. However, how can you increase your visibility and better attract more attention or be persuasive at the same time?

As we all know, Many potential leads are entering the same inquiries and worries into search engines in the hopes of receiving a professional answer. You may convert those internet searches into leads by developing online content on your website that help solve those queries and in advance direct those clients to you.

In this case, Content marketing is a very effective digital marketing tactic. You may accomplish this by following the steps below:

  • Writing blog postings about issues including social media management, lead generation, and data entry.
  • Including a section on your website with Frequently Asked Questions
  • Make a video on what services you can offer.

By addressing the frequent concerns of your clients, you can attract future clients who value the information you give. This helps them identify your expertise and create trust, increasing the likelihood that they’ll become a warm or even hot lead you can convert into a client.

Whatever solution you use, make sure to add a call to action at the end of your web material urging readers to contact you or utilize your services.

Creating An Email Marketing Campaign

When creating new content for your business such as social media posts, infographics, or blogs, and encouraging your potential clients to subscribe to your email list at the end of your content. Keep in mind to Make a strong incentive for them to join up. You could, for example, provide them with a complimentary copy of your services.

This not only will establish you as an expert in your profession but also help warm up your clients by establishing you as a source of help providing different services.

And, once you’ve built an email list, you can send out frequent email newsletters to your subscribers, which will increase your visibility and in turn help encourage your clients to employ you. Emails can include the following:

  • Additional responses to frequently asked data entry, social media management, lead generation, and SEO questions
  • Services you can offer
  • Website and SEO basic tutorials

Know Where to Look

Looking to get more new cases? Searching for employment in freelancing markets may be the simplest approach to locating your first few clients.

Upwork is a treasure trove. Clients submit jobs here and freelancers bid on them. And because there are various categories, limiting certain jobs with specific qualifications or phrases would help a lot in finding the perfect fit for you. For example, if you assist clients with WordPress, you may try WordPress maintenance, ‘Website administration,  and so on. Then, You may now sell your services as Catalogs, and clients can buy straight from you without having to submit a post-offer.

Job Boards: Great virtual assistance employment may be found in freelancing and VA job groups. There are a variety of choices available, including VAinsiders and Flexjobs. Some are free, while others demand a subscription fee. After you’ve found a job posting that aligns with your interest, write a description that is perfectly customized to your prospect. Show them how much value you can add as a VA and direct them to a page where they can view examples of your work or read testimonials.


Focus on One Social Platform

Even if it’s tempting to present yourself and be seen everywhere, you don’t have the resources, at least not when you’re starting off. Spreading yourself so thin will only have a negative impact on the quality of your interactions and, as a result, your progress. Instead, pick one social media channel where you know your potential clients hang out and make a name for yourself. Not the entire platform, just the elements that allow you to expand your presence.

Here are some instances that demonstrate what I mean:

  • Identify 2 to 3 excellent VA groups on Facebook that bring together both Vas and company owners. You’ll keep learning and giving advice, and you could even get some clients now and again.
  • Identify 2 to 5 Facebook groups that bring together your ideal clients. Small business operators, SME Entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches, and digital product entrepreneurs are just a few examples. This will be decided by the type of services you serve.
  • LinkedIn profile: Build a following by sharing information that assists solopreneurs and small company owners in doing more with less effort. Engage with the community to whom you wish to appeal without selling.

Help Other Virtual Assistants

While the tactics I’ve mentioned in this post are aimed at reaching out to potential clients, you may really land great clients by simply assisting other Virtual Assistants. Kindness, as we know it, has a rippling impact. The greatest method to support other virtual assistants is to create a Vas community and promote a sense of belonging. Make everyone feel welcome and truly interested in their success. In a community, such as a Facebook group, you can:

  • Encourage individuals to share their productivity tricks, triumphs, and setbacks
  • Share your client-acquisition strategy and how you implement them
  • Share your tale, as well as your own victories and defeats
  • Do live calls in which you interact with your group members and answer their questions as they come up.

Talk Clients into Your LinkedIn Inbox Simply by Being Awesomely Generous

LinkedIn is a lead generation powerhouse for both established firms and solopreneurs like you. If LinkedIn frustrates you, it’s probably because you approach it like any other social networking platform. It’s not. Your target audience consists of educated professionals who value uncommon information, honesty, and vulnerability.

Just one suggestion. Be true to yourself. Although LinkedIn groups aren’t as productive as Facebook groups, your profile is 10 times better. The idea here is to cultivate a fan base that is really interested in what you’re offering. You want to attract prospects that suit your Ideal Customer Profile as a virtual assistant.


Redesign Your Website

We’ve been talking about bringing prospects to your website, but this will be useless if your website is a mess with lots of distractions scattered about. Stick to a basic style while creating a website for your virtual help firm. Only present what is essential, and make navigation straightforward and simple.

And remember, Your branding must also be visible. Choose your brand colors and utilize them consistently.

It is critical that you have a good copy. Don’t just wing it. Write and modify your material until you discover an angle that speaks to your prospect’s heart and soul. The good news is that you can identify virtual assistants with excellent portfolio websites and observe how they write their material. You may then utilize this as a source of inspiration for yourself.

7 Ways On How To Get More Clients As a Virtual Assistant

7 Ways On How To Get More Clients As a Virtual Assistant

Finding clients for your virtual help business isn’t as tough as it may appear at first, but it does necessitate a total paradigm shift in how you approach the freelance market. It has its days, as I like to say

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