8 Things Organized People Do

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People who are organized get things done. They work efficiently to complete different tasks and projects- and can, therefore, keep their lives mostly stress-free. While it is true that maintaining an organized life comes naturally for some people, it can also be achieved by those who have a more challenging time with it. There are a few habits of highly organized people that anyone can adopt and turn the chaos in their life into order. If you’re having trouble getting or staying organized, developing the following habits will surely leave you seeing positive results.


1. Start The Day Right

It seems counterintuitive to spend a prime hour of your morning doing something other than work, but many super producers insist on it. They swear that a vital aid to their productivity is the simple practice of getting up early, so they can start the morning right. Common early morning practices of the insanely productive are meditation, exercise, journaling, reading, and learning. They feel their morning routines set them up for a peaceful, productive, focused day. 


2. Set Up Routines- and Follow Them

When you’ve got emails to answer, bills to pay, friendships to keep up, your home life, and health to look after, and on top of those all of your work-related tasks staying on top of it all can be a tall order. So how do organized people do it? They have a well-thought-out routine to help them that routine starts in the morning. Getting up in good time to get washed, dressed, and have breakfast and then begin work according to schedule and it may have slots in the day for checking those emails that pile up and anything else you need to take regular care of without interrupting time. Set aside your main work tasks as well as time to rest and recharge your batteries in the evening. The great thing is once you’ve got a routine going you just follow it almost like you’re on autopilot and it just takes care of itself.


3. Schedule Everything

If it’s not on your calendar don’t do it.

Time blocking- put everything on your calendar. Block out every moment of your day and treat every time block as a deadline that you have to meet


4. Not Relying Solely on Their Brain to Store Information

Organized people understand that our memory is fallible, things fade, especially when we don’t use them. So when they want to remember something, organized people put it into a system that they trust. A system that you can trust is one that is not going to lose your data. Consider what you need to get organized and what is your favorite app or method to do so. There are digital ways and physical ways to organize your workflow. Test things out and see what works best for you.


5. Respect The Value of Mise En Place

Mise En Place- is a French term that roughly translates to “everything in its place”

Always put things back exactly as you found them when you are done with them.

Ensure that everything is in its place and you know where it’s supposed to be and organized before you start working. Make sure that your work environment is set up properly before you begin your work and once you’re done put things back exactly as you found them.



6. Create Systems

Build a system that you can trust. This might take a little bit more time and a lot of tweaking as you go. This is all about finetuning your system to work for you. You have to make sure it’s effective for what you need. Don’t just follow someone else’s format or a format that you think is pretty. You have to do what works for you, for your to-do list system.

To maintain organization and structure, organized people create systems that work individually and as a part of a whole. This is actually one of the main aspects of staying organized. Creating systems helps keep every area of life on track- from shopping and cooking to cleaning, and even just getting ready for the day. You can use a notepad, sticky notes, or a Daily Planner. For more complex tasks and project management, you can use apps like Trello, Asana, or Todoist.


7. Prepare

Being organized also means being prepared and ready for anything. This doesn’t mean finishing a project the day it is assigned, but rather, knowing how to manage your time. Everyone has a different pace at which they work, and their own “time-frame” in which they can meet a deadline- but being organized means always leaving a cushion in which you can operate- should a problem arise.


8. They Get Stuff Off Their Plate

Organized people aren’t afraid to delegate, outsource, automate, or buy in. They hire a Virtual Assistant to do their admin tasks. They outsource a design project or some editing work. They automate their e-courses using autoresponder software, or their social media sharing using online tools. They use editing software like Grammarly to check their written work.


If you want to get things done effectively and efficiently you must incorporate these habits that are proven effective by organized people.


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