Beat Background Noise With These Free Noise-Canceling Apps

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Working from home has its own set of challenges. Background noise is definitely one of them. Now that everyone is mandated to stay at home, noise-canceling apps have become necessary to a lot of people. 

Whether it’s a call with clients, a meeting with your team, or a virtual gathering with friends, unnecessary sounds are a huge distraction when things really get going. For a lot of virtual assistants, being able to reduce background noise is a hugely helpful capability that should be made accessible to all. To help with that, here are the top free noise-canceling apps virtual assistants can use to achieve better audio quality at work.


KRISPkrisp-noise-cancellation is an AI-powered app that allows users to remove background noise. This innovative program allows users to mute unnecessary noise from both ends of a call. is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS systems, and works with 800+ other communication apps. The free plan currently offers 240 minutes of noise cancellation per week, along with 1GB of storage for recordings. Other features included in all plans are acoustic echo cancellation, room echo cancellation, and a power-saving mode.



DSP Soundware, also known as the DSP Sound Audio Filter, is a dependable choice for noise-cancellation. This program focuses on filtering unnecessary noise for incoming audio clips. Instead of automatically filtering noise, it allows users to customize how much of the incoming sound will be filtered. This app is absolutely free, but currently only runs on Windows systems.



Noise Gate, otherwise known as Noise Gator, is a lightweight noise filtering application. This app is designed specifically for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling platforms like Skype. If you experience that annoying hiss during calls when no one is speaking, Noise Gate can take care of that for you. This makes for an excellent choice for virtual assistants who are regularly on a call via Skype. The Noise Gate app is available for both Windows and Mac users.



SoliCall is a popular application for Windows-based systems. It offers two noise-reduction settings. The first profile-based functionality cancels background noise by focusing on the speaker’s voice. The second reference-based filter also targets incoming human voices from the background. It’s designed to allow users to make calls without interference from nearby conversations, making it a popular choice for call centers. This is a wise choice if you’re in a co-working situation outside or at home.


SAMSON SOUND DECKSamson-sound-deck

Samson Sound Deck is another Windows-based application that uses digital noise reduction algorithms to filter background noise. Used for recordings, VoIP calling, and gaming, the app improves audio quality by reducing incoming repetitive noise. The app also comes in with controllable filters so you can customize the audio quality you want to come out with during calls and recordings. Samson Sound Deck is now also available for Mac users.


Beat Background Noise With These Free Noise-Canceling Apps

You don’t need to worry about working from home while the kids are playing and the dogs are barking anymore. An expensive microphone can’t hurt your pockets either with these free noise-cancellation apps. If you’re a virtual assistant struggling with unnecessary noise, make sure to find one that fits with your communication tools.  Beat background noise and install one of them now.




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