Best Automation Tools For Virtual Assistants

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Virtual Assistants tend to wear many hats when it comes to working with their clients. Upon planning your work day or week, you’ll realize that a lot of the things on your to-do list can be automated. Not only that – they should be automated, so you can focus on more important or urgent tasks if needed.


The goal is to have your daily work streamlined as much as possible and that is what automation are here to help you with. Moreover, automation can help you keep up with your scheduled plans during the work week as well as through weekends and holidays.


So which automations are the best for streamlining your work process? Read on to find out!



It is the number one automation tool to use to automate your workflow. According to Zapier, people who use this tool save an average of 4 hours of their time during the first week of using it. 


Zapier allows you to integrate different web applications and free up your time by automatically cross-posting your content. For example, you can set this app to tweet about your new blog as soon as you hit the “publish” button. It lets you connect your data from one app you use with other apps. You could intertwine the different contact lists you have on different platforms without having to do it manually. 


With the help of this tool, you can automate a number of apps you use on a daily basis, like Google Drive, the Meta platforms, MailChimp, Trello, and many others. You can set up various different automations to free up your time daily and cut down the time you spend on repetitive actions.




In the busy schedules, both you and your client have, it is difficult to write back-and-forth emails and texts to schedule meetings with their partners or clients. This is where Calendly comes in. It is a great app to use for scheduling automation. 


Set and block off any dates and times your client or you are busy, leaving it to the other party of the meeting to choose the available time to schedule the right time they’re available to cet on a call or come in for a meeting with you and your client. 

It then automatically sends an email with the meeting details to all the parties supposed to attend the meeting. This way you can avoid the hassle of scheduling and sending out the meeting details. 


You can embed Calendly links right into your client’s page, to simplify it even further letting any possible meetings to be scheduled right on your client’s page.


AI Assistant


These days we’re all getting used to artificial intelligence assistants as well. Using an AI assistant is perfect for quick voice command questions to find out information on the spot without having to type it in a search engine.


Different companies provide different AI assistants. The biggest ones are Apple’s Siri, Android’s Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Depending on the device you use, all of these can be a big help in your daily workflow.


Google Assistant can automatically search for the answers to your questions and find the answers you’re looking for in a couple of seconds. You can also create shortcuts to let your Google Assistant take you straight to any task or app you need to use at the exact moment.


Cortana will help you in using apps under the Microsoft umbrella. It can read your emails, remind you of any upcoming or missed tasks, and book meetings. However, Cortana is only available for Microsoft-powered PCs.


If you’re using any Apple device, Siri can help you with searching for answers to your voiced questions, adding to your reminders and calendar lists, writing texts, and even setting up your directions.


AI assistants are being updated regularly so they could only become more and more helpful in the nearest future.




Basecamp is a project management tool that lets you communicate with other collaborators on any planned projects. This tool offers a space for team chats, sharing project data and files, as well as simple to do lists the team can follow up on.


You can opt-in for various notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on any new updates from team members. The notifications include receiving emails or texts whenever new activity is indicated by the software. It’ll also send you emails on the weekly activity recap. If you’re using it on your mobile device, you can also opt in for push notifications on your phone.

Best Automation Tools For Virtual Assistants


At the end of the day, you’re the one deciding what apps and tools to use to make the best of your time. However, we’d recommend really looking into the wide variety of apps you can use to make your day as productive and your workflow as streamlined as possible. 


Automating your daily tasks will help you become more productive and free up time for other projects and just make the day-to-day responsibilities less stressful.


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