Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own schedule once I am hired?

Unfortunately, choosing of your own schedule is not feasible. Our clients are the ones who provide the schedule of their VAs . Working hours will be 8 hours/day for Full Time and 4 hours/day for Part Time.

Do you accept applicants with an active part-time/full-time job?

One critical factor that helps our company grow is our loyalty to the company and the clients that we cater to. With this, we expect all our employees to give their dedication in providing quality service to all our clients across the Pacific.

Do you accept undergraduates?

Yes, as long as they have at least six months of BPO experience.

Do you give out incentives?

All incentives are client based.

Do you hire internationally?

Currently we only hire Filipino citizens who are residents here in the Philippines.

Do you provide training? Is the training paid?

Yes. We do provide free training to all new hires. And yes! The training is paid.

How do I apply?

You must first be eligible based on the requirements, from there click the “Proceed to Application” button.

How long does it take to get a client?

We have clients waiting to find their Virtual Assistant. The duration on when you’ll get hired would depend on your performance during client interviews.

How long is the training?

Training is for five days on a full time graveyard shift.

What Accounts do you have?

We are handling different lines of businesses. Our main niche is the Real Estate market but we have and are currently expanding to other lines of businesses such as Insurance, Concierge and Tech to name a few.

What are your operating hours?

Our Talent Acquisition Team operates on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8AM-3PM Manila Time.

What is the work schedule?

Working hours depend on the client, however, schedules are on a graveyard shift as we cater to US clients.

What is your address/contact number?

We don’t have any physical addresses or contact numbers here in manila. You may reach us via email at [email protected]

Where is the training/how is the training conducted?

Training is done via Skype Video Call.

Do you have more questions?