How To Become a Virtual Assistant With No Experience This 2021

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Have you ever thought of having a work-life balance job? Have you ever faced the challenge of striking a balance between having a job, earning money, and enjoying life?

I have some good news for you! Virtual assistants as a highly in-demand career nowadays can be your solution to the aforementioned problems!. They work remotely and have flexible working hours which allow the VAs to better arrange their schedule and to find a perfect balance between their personal time and jobs

Here at Virtudesk, you do not need any VA experience, we will provide a complete series of workplace training sessions to help you succeed in your job. You could easily improve your skill sets and qualifications with us! However, having 6 months of BPO experience is required. 

If you are interested in how to become a virtual assistant, make sure to read the whole article so you can jumpstart your career as a virtual assistant.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants provide administrative work to clients and work in remote areas. A virtual assistant is now the top trending especially during the COVID pandemic because both employers and employees could easily work together from different regions while staying safe at home at the same time. Plus, it helps clients to save costs rather than hiring internal employees. Becoming a virtual assistant may seem like an easy feat, but you should put in some hard work, and be dedicated to improving yourself along the way to become a successful virtual assistant.


How To Become a Virtual Assistant With No VA experience?

Becoming a virtual assistant is a challenging job at first. It is a process you need to take step by step to gain knowledge and expertise. Consistency in learning new information will help you succeed in tackling the hardship you may encounter along the way. However, do not need to worry because all information is accessible on virtual assistant courses and on YouTube. 


Pick a Niche

Before you apply for being a VA to any client, you should know your strengths or expertise to help your clients. Once you know your niche, it is easy to find clients and adapt to their environment. Enhancing your skills and never stopping learning will help you to be an all-around person, which can not only help you obtain a higher rate but have more opportunities to find a client.


Here is some virtual assistant niches you might be interested in:

General Admin Assistant


General admin assistants mainly support different kinds of work in any organization. Their tasks are clerical work, drafting reports, accepting calls, making emails, and calendar management. These are the tasks that your clients need some assistance with. Being familiar with these tasks can help you to be efficient. If you love clerical work this might be the best niche you can start with.


Social Media Assistant

Social media assistants help clients on their social media platforms. Your tasks are creating captions, graphics, and dm’s or chat that are helpful to increase the online presence of your client organization.


E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

In a virtual assistant world, you will encounter different clients that need all kinds of services like handling their E-commerce business. 

An E-Commerce virtual assistant focuses on sorting items, inventory, returns, and customer service. Besides administrative tasks, they are also in charge of creating product captions,  helping promote sales and products.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant focuses on finding properties, scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and looking for prospective buyers and sellers. If you are interested in this niche, it is better to have a real estate background to adapt and share new ideas with your client.

Finding Virtual Assistant Jobs

Small size companies and businesses are often having a higher demand in hiring virtual assistants. It helps them save budgets and have more time and bandwidth to achieve business goals with a group of talented people who have expertise in different fields

Outsourcing is the new trend nowadays where most of the companies are hiring from different countries.  Thus, more and more people plunge into this new industry to become virtual assistants, especially in the Philippines. Small companies from the US, Canada, South America, or even Europe are more inclined to hire VAs from the Philippines due to the zero language barrier and potentially lower budgets. With the handsome benefits provided by the foreign companies and the ability to arrange their personal time, most of the VAs who transitioned from their previous jobs are more than happy with their current career choice.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by the commuting times and never-ending workload? Apply to become a VA assistant today! Let’s build a healthier and work-life balance life and at the same time improve your skillset at home with us!

Here 5 tips to find virtual assistant jobs:

  1. Job Sites
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Network
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Connect With Freelancers

How To Become a Virtual Assistant With No Experience This 2021

How To Become a Virtual Assistant? 

To jumpstart your career as a virtual assistant you should know your niche. You can choose the different kinds of virtual assistants stated in the article. 


Before starting your virtual assistant career, you can learn from virtual assistant courses like YouTube Academy, Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn Learning, Hubspot Academy, and Udemy


It is easier to look for clients when you have the knowledge and expertise in your niche. Learn and grow with your client and have a great journey with your virtual assistant career.

If you are interested in becoming an excellent virtual assistant, submit your resume and fill out this form. We offer paid training and operational support to our pool of virtual assistants. You’ll also get access to our client profile instead of looking everywhere for the right client whose needs match your services.

We are hiring for the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA), General Virtual Assistant (GVA) and Inside Sales Associate (ISA) roles. Previous virtual assistant experience is not required, but at least six months of call center experience is required.


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