How to Become the Best Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

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You know real estate professionals can be busy with different tasks they have to complete in a day, including closing deals and chasing down leads. As a real estate agent, hiring a virtual assistant can be a huge help with administrative and marketing tasks. That’s why it’s important when you become a virtual assistant for real estate, to know the qualities and skills to be efficient and successful. Having the right expectations and skills can enable you to help your future client, a real estate agent, grow their business and contribute quality work.

You have to be responsible for presenting yourself, marketing the business, and creating ways to generate new leads and clients. Defining your skills can help you maximize your capabilities in doing different tasks and adapting to new processes.


In this article, we will be tackling the qualities and skills to be the best real estate virtual assistant.


1.Learn The Art of Communication


The ability to communicate well is a huge factor when interacting with your clients, and their customers. Whether you are writing or speaking, you will need to practice every day to become proficient in your expressions. Additionally, being proactive and seeking out learning resources will be paramount in helping you to get better at this essential skill.

All writing and speaking tutorials are now readily available through Youtube and Google, which can help you better understand how to communicate well. Here are some videos that can help you improve, including “Top 5 Communication Skills” and “10 Communication Skills To Learn.”

Tips that you can use to maximize your learning include taking written notes of the key points in the video tutorials or lessons. After reviewing all of your notes, then apply them to your day-to-day life.

The types of communication tasks you can expect to do in Real Estate include making outbound calls, talking to leads on the phone, writing emails, and writing blog articles. You will need to update your client on the status of your tasks, ideas you have to make the company better and communicate questions if you don’t fully understand something.


2.Pay Attention to Detail


An important skill of a virtual assistant is to have a keen eye for details. The factors that go into having a high attention to detail include following specific instructions.

Other tasks that include high attention to detail include proofreading and editing your writing. This will require that you identify all of the grammatical and stylistic errors. Developing these proofreading skills can decrease your rate of making mistakes and grammatical errors. Commonly used tools are Grammar Check, Spell Check Plus, and Grammarly. You can use these tools to help you avoid misspelled words and correct your grammar.

Graphic design is important to check as well – especially the words and alignment of elements.


3.Gain Knowledge and Experience in Real Estate

The easiest way to acquire knowledge in real estate as a virtual assistant is to follow these three steps: Research the facts, network regularly, and meet the job requirements.

Research virtual assistant job responsibilities in Google to better understand what to expect in the job. Administrative and marketing tasks are common tasks of a virtual assistant. Why is it important to know? It’s important because having a background in the job will allow you to set expectations and prepare ahead of time for the job.

By networking regularly, a virtual assistant can create many connections and start gaining knowledge by asking family and friends about real estate. Networking like this can give you insights into the real estate industry and best practices.

Meeting the job requirements in every company or business is important to perform the job well and get hired. For example, you should have great communication skills to communicate with clients both in writing and speaking. This is a common skill that you need to have in order to be hired.


4.Create Structure and Order

As a virtual assistant, it is important to establish a system to follow, which can be useful in dealing with multiple tasks. The tools you need to have in order to be organized are Click Up and Google Calendar. These tools can help you monitor daily, weekly and monthly tasks, then label each as high, medium, and low priority so that you can meet all the deadlines. 

In communicating, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the tools like Skype, Zoom, and RingCentral. Using these tools will be helpful to become more hands-on and stay connected with your team and collaborate effectively. Establishing different chat groups in each team, like Skype, can be useful for collaboration and getting tasks done.


5.Have a Willingness to Learn

Learning new ideas and processes is a way to grow and enhance your skills. In improving your skills you should first highlight your dedication to growth. The most common tool you can also use is Youtube. One useful tutorial you can view is, “How to Become The Best Virtual Assistant”. This is the best way to start learning. Start watching training courses on how to become an effective virtual assistant.

Virtudesk, we have what you called the online academy, wherein all training modules are stored and can be accessed by all employees. Most of the courses are about real estate processes and terminology. 

In the future, you will be encountering clients that are in the real estate field. It is better to know their line of work, so you can adjust quickly and can help them in their tasks.


6.Take Initiative

Taking initiative entails contributing more than what is asked of you by your client. For example, if you are creating social media posts in the form of graphics for your client’s real estate services, and you also create a video to garner additional engagement, that is showing your client initiative. You are going above and beyond what is expected of you. 

More ways on how to take initiative as a virtual assistant is by completing your tasks within the deadline and completing other ad-hoc tasks. In this way, you can help the team be efficient and act as a reliable team member.

Being proactive is another way to show initiative. Being proactive looks like asking clarifying questions on the tasks assigned to you, so you can do them correctly. You will have a better understanding of the situation and can avoid errors. If the task is not clear you can ask your coaches to provide learning materials or video tutorials so that you understand the task.

As mentioned earlier about coaches, Virtudesk designates coaches as mentors and supervisors to our virtual assistants. Coaches can help you grow professionally and provide learning resources whenever you want to learn a new skill for your job. They are competent and knowledgeable in their field.

Contributing ideas to your client can make your client’s business successful and profitable. When sharing ideas you should be able to understand the problem. This way, you can give solutions based on reports and analysis.

Virtual Assistant for Real Estate


Are you Ready to Become the Best Virtual Assistant for Real Estate?


This article focuses on the qualities and skills of becoming the best virtual assistant. You can apply these skills to be successful in your real estate virtual assistant journey. This can help you win clients and generate more leads for your client. You can learn more by reading the 8 Important Qualities and Skills To Become The Best Virtual Assistant for more information about becoming the best virtual assistant.

If you want to start a virtual assistant role in real estate, then you can apply to Virtudesk. If you want to start working in real estate at Virtudesk, fill out our application form and apply for the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) role. We hope you join our fam!

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