5 Tips To Stay Organized When Working From Home

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No matter if you’ve just started working in a work-from-home environment, or if you’ve done it for a while, you need to make sure your workspace and time stay organized. The better you organize your time while working, the more productive you’ll be. 


We have listed 5 tips on how to stay organized while working from home, so you can start off with small steps toward a better remote working environment. Read on to find out more!


Plan your tasks

Starting out your day,  make sure to plan out your tasks in advance. This means writing down a plan or laying out steps for completing all the projects you have to complete during the day or particular shift. 


Planning your tasks will let you organize your time better, and stick to the tasks you actually need to accomplish without being sidetracked even if there are new or unplanned projects coming in. 


Keeping the to-do list in mind, remember to still make room for anything that may become an urgent task, like reaching out to your client or their partners, editing any previous projects if the need arises, etc.


Limit distractions

While working from home offers great flexibility and sometimes even a better work-life balance, you have to make sure you don’t forget about your daily tasks and what you have to accomplish at work. 


Working at home also offers a boatload of distractions. You may all of a sudden notice you should clean up your workspace, and your living room, or do laundry. It seems like a quick enough homework to do, but it takes your focus off work. 


The same goes for having any family members or roommates living with you. You have to set some ground rules with the people around you, so you’re not distracted during your work hours. Again – remember that even though you’re working from home, you are still at work, and your focus should remain on the task at hand!


Set up your workspace

Working from home does not mean working from your couch or kitchen table. You will have a much easier time if you create a specific workspace for yourself where you know your sole focus will be work.


Set up a desk, a comfortable chair, and organize your desk. Always keep your workspace tidy. Make sure to clean off any unnecessary things off your desk during and after each shift. Clutter in your workspace will take your mind off your tasks.


A clean workspace will help you concentrate on your to-do list as well as keep you comfortable and happy. Maybe your idea of a great workspace is adding flowers, plants, specific office accessories, etc. Whatever it is, make sure it makes for a pleasant work environment.


Schedule breaks

Plan your breaks and when you can take them. Break times usually depend on the company policy and may even be included in your work contract. 


Make sure you have time to take a break for lunch when you can actually spend some time away from your screen and enjoy your meal. 


As will most jobs requiring a lot of sitting by the computer, you should also remember to stand up and stretch out, as well as take time to rest your eyes. These little micro-breaks every hour or so will help you keep your blood circulating and your eyes less tired. 


It’s also necessary to mention that you should always take your longer/meal breaks in their entirety and let yourself actually rest and recharge during that time. So try to not have your break in a way that includes taking time off looking into your screen.


Find ways to connect to your colleagues

Working from home pretty much means working alone. It can be hard to just work on your own without having the connection to other coworkers. Outside of your regular meetings with your team, try to connect to your colleagues during the workday as well.


You can always choose to just use team messaging apps, or even get on audio or video calls with your coworkers to chat about your day, or during the time you’re collaborating on a project. Just because you’re working from home, does not mean you should be cut off from communicating with your peers!

5 Tips To Stay Organized When Working From Home

Why is it important to stay organized when working from home?


Paying attention to separating your workspace from the rest of your living space at home is very important not just for your productivity at work. It’s also important because it helps you maintain that work-life balance.


Working at home will make you notice all kinds of chores that you should do around the house too, but having a dedicated workspace will let you only focus on your work and daily tasks.Whereas when you’re off, you can start focusing on the things outside of work that you can do at home or just let yourself unwind after completing your shift.


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