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So you want to work from home with a competitive salary as a virtual assistant. From administrative and marketing services to prospecting services and time block services, here’s a list of services that virtual assistants offer to their clients. Read on and discover which professional services your strengths and skills can let you earn from the comfort of your own home.


Administrative Services

Virtual assistants are known to alleviate small tasks from business owners. Administrative services are known for making the lives of entrepreneurs more comfortable. Having someone complete paperwork that otherwise floods business owners is a key benefit offered by professional virtual assistants.

By offering administrative services, you are taking on important tasks like email and calendar management, data entry, and process and database management. Data entry entails taking care of important documents businesses need on a daily basis. Email and calendar management gives you the responsibility of organizing appointments and key activities in one place so everyone can stay on top of what’s happening. Process and database management is a repetitive task that helps maintain standard operating procedures. If you’re a detail-oriented individual who can be trusted with these responsibilities, try out by becoming an administrative virtual assistant.

Administrative Virtual Assistant tools: Calendly, Google Workspace, Skype


Marketing Services

Marketing virtual assistants offer a plethora of services that are impactful to the revenue-generating channels of a business. You’ll be the extra set of hands that help achieve business goals by performing activities in the marketing arm of the company. Work here is primarily done with the help of different digital marketing tools. Among the high-demand services are social media management, email marketing, and content management.


Social media management involves using social media platforms to connect with the company’s audience and grow its online presence. You can also help your client improve their social media marketing strategy. Email marketing is a full-time responsibility that consists of creating email cadences to execute campaigns that aim to engage the company’s audiences. Content management includes research, planning, strategizing, and publishing written and visual content on digital marketing platforms the business uses. You may also need to help your client with a variety of digital marketing skills. If you have a knack for multimedia design, writing, and persuasive communications, you have the makings of an excellent marketing virtual assistant.

If you want to apply to become a marketing virtual assistant, please select the General Virtual Assistant (GVA) role on the application form.

Marketing Virtual Assistant tools: Crowdfire, MailChimp, Buzzsumo


Prospecting Services

Prospecting Services virtual assistants, like Inside Sales Associates, are known for helping growing businesses manage the influx of customers. As a prospecting virtual assistant, you’ll be performing tasks like lead processing and management, taking and making calls, and overall providing support to the sales department. You’ll be taking over the search process so they can focus on making sales and closing deals.

Lead processing and management mean you’ll be working on a lead management system to filter and organize leads according to which ones the business should prioritize to contact. You’ll also be doing outbound calls, follow-up messages, and lead tracking to nurture otherwise cold leads. This is a valuable task business owners highly appreciate virtual assistants for taking over. If you have great oral communication and persuasion skills, research and discovery skills, and enjoy organizing databases, consider having a career as a prospecting virtual assistant.

Prospecting Virtual Assistant Tools: FollowUpBoss, Ylopo, Tymbl


Executive Virtual Assistant Services

Executive Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, jack-of-all-trades virtual assistants and they are highly coveted by business owners. They offer a plethora of services that come as a combination of prospecting, marketing, and administrative services. It’s not uncommon for EVAs to become indispensable to business owners who find a great dynamic with them. You may become a director of operations or other teams as this job evolves with the company’s growth.

As an executive virtual assistant, you may also be tasked to provide concierge services for team members needing assistance in their daily tasks. You’ll be equipped with knowledge on almost all functions of the business as an EVA. You may also handle customer concerns as you handle multiple touchpoints of the business such as social media profiles, emails, and telephone calls. If you’re a highly-skilled individual looking to directly affect the success of a business, you may flourish as an executive virtual assistant.

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Transaction Coordinator

Transaction coordination is one of the most popular virtual assistant services today. In the real estate industry, a properly coordinated transaction is valuable to both agents and buyers. However, the amount of paperwork and other small tasks take up a lot of time agents could otherwise spend with potential and current buyers.

Transaction Coordinators handle necessary paperwork when agents are starting to close deals with clients. Here, you’ll be following up with every party involved in a transaction like lenders, title officers, agents, and clients. You’ll also need to follow processes to the smallest details. This is an important part of real estate businesses that needs to be done properly. If you have an eye for detail and you enjoy repeating processes to assist others, look further into becoming a remote transaction coordinator.

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Time Block Services

Here at Virtudesk, we also offer time block services to our clients. As a virtual assistant, this means you can offer a selection of services to clients in time blocks. Clients will be hiring you to work for them a few hours a day to complete 20, 40, 60, and 80-hour blocks related to completing a project for their company. However, keep in mind that at Virtudesk, you cannot work part-time. Therefore, if you are serving clients on a time block basis, you will serve multiple clients during a set period of time in order to make up your full time 40 hours a week.

If you want a career as a virtual assistant that is focused on a few specific tasks, you can choose to offer time block services. You’ll be working with clients who need tasks done for temporary projects or only have an occasional need for a virtual assistant in their company.


Your Virtual Assistant Services in Practice

If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, submit your resume and fill out this form. We offer paid training and operational support to our pool of virtual assistants. You’ll also get access to our client profile instead of looking everywhere for the right client whose needs match your services. 

We are hiring for the Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) and Inside Sales Associate (ISA) roles. Previous virtual assistant experience is not required, but at least six months of call center experience is required.

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