Virtudesk Success Story: Robbie Gallegos

Virtudesk Success Story: Robbie Gallegos

Robbie is one of Virtudesk’s Inside Sales Associates who is a living proof that being a Virtual Assistant will and can really give you that work-life balance you’ve been wanting.

Loving what he does makes him the best person he can be. After all, he wants to inspire others not only by being successful but also by doing what he wholeheartedly feel is best for him.

Let’s find out how he balances his work here in Virtudesk and hobbies to maintain that work-life balance mantra going!
What’s the best part of working from home?

No need to travel to and from work! You can save a lot of time, energy and money that you can dedicate to other things to live your life to the fullest.

I currently work as a Virtual Assistant in the evening during weekdays and do events hosting during the weekends and sometimes during the daytime of weekdays. I can do and have the best of both worlds.

Is there really a career in being a Virtual Assistant?

Do you wanna know what was my motivation before I thought about working home-based? A former BPO manager once told me there’s no career in working home based. I begged to disagree and told that person, “Watch me.”. 3 years have passed and I’m still here! And I guess I’m a living testament that it’s really possible.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned all throughout your career as a Virtual Assistant?

Self-reliance. At the end of the day, you will learn a great deal of self-reliance in being a Virtual Assistant. I figure out thing mostly on my own, read a lot and scour my resources to get answers and in the long run, saw myself accomplishing plenty of tasks and getting better at it every day. This helps your sense of responsibility without always depending on others.

What words of wisdom can you give any aspiring Virtual Assistants out there?
  1. Find your motivation. You need to immerse yourself in the nature of the job and gauge your motivation to succeed.

  2. You need to invest time to read, research and prepare for the job you’re seeking as a Virtual Assistant. It pays to know a lot to be able to do a lot.

  3. ALWAYS have a VERY reliable internet connection! It’s always the best option to go for the best subscription.

Hope you get inspired by Robbie’s success story. And maybe soon, yours will be able to inspire others too! Now, are you ready to be part of our growing team here in Virtudesk? If so, please click the red “Apply Now!” button on the upper righthand side of this page, and let’s get started!