Virtudesk Testimonial: Danica Enrile Showcase her Real Estate Virtual Assistant Skills

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How exciting to see Virtudesk virtual assistant excels at Social Media Marketing. Today, Danica Enrile shares her experience working at Virtudesk and how to be the best real estate virtual assistant and social media virtual assistant.

Danica has been an experienced Social Media Manager for over 3 years. She gained a lot of experience and knowledge in real estate and social media management. She has been working here for about 5 months now. Her main task is creating opportunities to interact with clients for potential leads. Danica was assigned to do cold direct messaging, LinkedIn cold messaging, and manage referral networks.

Together with our coaches, they can guide you with our different training programs, where you can enhance your skills and qualities as a virtual assistant. 

Here’s what Danica had to say about Virtudesk:


Patricia: Hi everyone. My name is Patricia and I have Danny. Kay. And she’ll be explaining and giving us suggestions then. Um, what can she say about working with us? So, yeah, and you can start Denny by introducing yourself. And what type of VA are you?

Danica: Hello, everyone. My name is Danica and relay. You could call me Danny and I’m a general virtual assistant.

Patricia: Okay. And what’s your client’s profession?

Danica: My client is a real estate professional. He’s a real estate agent. 

Patricia:: And what types of tasks do you usually complete for your client? Like on a daily basis? 

Danica: I do SMM or social media management. I also manage our, um, I’m also a transaction coordinator. I basically pull up tax records, agent lead deals, and basically everything in the back end. Preparing a property before putting it online or on the market. 

Patricia: Perfect. Perfect. So what’s one of your favorite things about working for Virtudesk? 

Danica: My favorite thing is I get to meet people who I met online because Virtudesk has a gathering once every year. And also I’ve already experienced working with other VA placement companies.

There once you get hired by your client, you’re alone, you don’t have someone to guide you throughout the process. Here in Virtudesk, they will provide you with great coaches, very good coaches, and you can ask your coaches, they will assist you with whatever question you have.

Patricia: That’s true. And what is one thing you have learned by working with Virtudesk and your client? One thing, not one thing I’ve learned a lot. First is, okay, let me share this first, before this pandemic, I was in the process of getting my license, licensure exam for, Real estate. Oh, I’m almost done with that.

And then sadly, this pandemic came, I wasn’t able to push through getting my license. And so I decided to try Virtudesk. Being a real estate agent is one of my biggest dreams. And Virtudesk gave me the opportunity to still be able to live my dream lead still in the real estate industry.

Without having a licensed real estate agent. And I’ve also learned that I don’t have to migrate to the U S. Just to earn good money. I could earn good money while staying in the comfort of my own home. That’s correct. 

Patricia: Thank you, Danny. I think it’s just so much for sharing your experience with merchandise.

We’re glad to have you on board. So if any of your friends, who wants to apply with Virtudesk you know, you can refer and yeah, we’ll get, we’ll give referral bonus. Yes, I will. Thank you, Danny.

Danica’s Tasks as a Social Media Manager

Here are Danica’s major tasks as a Social Media Manager:

  1. Cold direct messaging.
  2. LinkedIn cold messaging.
  3. Manage referral network.
  4. B2B coffee challenge.
  5. Create content such as real estate market updates.
  6. Scheduling posts.

Platforms and Apps Danica Used as a Social Media Manager

Here are Danica’s most commonly used platforms:

  1. Canva.
  2. SproutSocial.


If you want to watch Danica say these words herself, kindly click the links provided for our YouTube channel to watch her full testimony.


Real Estate Virtual Assistant Skills


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