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Have you ever wished you could just work from home all the working days of the month? Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming in the office, thinking how convenient it would be if you could just pack up and accomplish your tasks at home instead? Did you ever come to a realization that all your paper works, all your desk jobs, everything you do in the office can be done on your own computer, at your own workstation, and in your own house?

Perhaps it is high time that you consider choosing a more convenient and more productive work style, without having to worry about your daily struggles commuting to work, finding a restaurant where you can eat at lunch (without deducting too much from your daily rate), and dealing with the notorious rush hour traffic in our country.

Start a home-based career with Virtudesk today.

Here are some of the most important reasons on why it pays to be working from home:

Never Late, Never Wait

Our country is known for a lot of things: virgin islands that attract travelers from all over the world, mouth-watering Filipino dishes that are best paired with rice, our rich cultural heritage and complex yet ever interesting history. But there is one thing Philippines is famous for that we can never be proud of – time consuming, day wasting, deadly heavy traffic.

How would you feel when you wake up one day and you are given an opportunity to enjoy working at home, without having to give up the stability of your job? Imagine how much time you have in preparing for work, how good it feels to finally be out of reasons to be late, and how convenient it is that you never have to stand on the sidewalk again for hours just to wait for a bus that, if you are lucky enough, could still offer you a seat.

When you start your home-based career with Vitrudesk, never again will you have to worry about your transportation going to work and back home. Your days of being late will finally be over. And trust us, you will realize that you have time management skills within you all along, you always had it but you just couldn’t get it to good use because of our country’s heavy traffic!

What do you say we cross that problem out today?

Rain Nor Shine

Red weather alert can no longer stop you from getting to work! Especially when your work is home-based.

As a Filipino working in the most common business centers in the country, do you remember the times when you had to go knee-deep in a chocolate colored flood just to get across the street and be able to reach your office on time? Or maybe, reporting half-day for duty because you looked like you just took a cold shower but outside your house, and you were stranded in the middle of the city? Well, let’s cross that one out, too.

Although you would no longer need to go out of the house whatever the weather when you are already working from home, you still need to keep close observation of your workflow and productivity during different weather types to make sure you are always being able to deliver your best. After all, as Sarah Parfitt stated on, “The weather does have a major impact on your daily productivity.” Check out her article for tips to developing great focus and weather-proof productivity.

More Quality Time With Your Family

Working from home is already an enticing idea. How much more if you can work anywhere?

Being able to work anywhere with stable internet connection means being able to travel with your family. You never have to miss out on your little daughter’s birthday again. Who knows you could be the one cooking all the food for her next birthday while still being able to work productively at home. And the next time your eldest son gets sick, you can be the first one to check up on him even while you are on your 8-hour shift.

For most Filipinos, this is an important benefit of working from home. Naturally, we are a family-oriented race. Virtudesk respects and takes care of that Filipino value and we want to help you spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Convinced yet?

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of working from home, there is a looong list of other great benefits. We did not tackle them in detail in this article primarily because we want to encourage you to discover them yourselves, so you may be able to experience first hand what we have experienced and gain what we have gained.

Here is a glimpse. By working from home, you will be able to come up with more and more savings. Imagine the amount of money you could save when you deduct your transportation expenses from your daily budget. Now deduct your daily fast food lunch and dinner. How much have you saved? Again, it’s just a glimpse, and this is just the start.

Want to start your home-based career? Talk to us! Visit us at for more information.

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